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This was the 4th South East / Sussex meet and run I’ve organised on Minitorque, each time I choose a different route for us to take across the Sussex countryside, taking in some nice roads and picking some cool places to stop, chat, admire the cars and get some photos.

This time there was a great turnout of 32 cars, we met at the usual Car Wash Diner on the a21, they are very accommodating to us all and don’t moan when a turbo’d r53 comes into the car park popping banging and spitting flames haha.

We set off down the a21 towards the first bit of dual carriageway where we did a few runs up and down while Richard Davies got photos of us all. I want to say a huge thanks to Richard for photographing the whole day, he got some amazing shots and I know everyone who attended really appreciated his hard work while we all had fun.

We then set off working our way through lots of the surrounding villages heading towards the Ashdown Forrest. We had a good run across the Forrest and parked up on the top of one of the view points to have a good chat and laugh about the drive and regroup.

After this we all got back in the cars for the final drive through Nutley and on to Chelwood Gate where there is a lovely pub for some drinks and the BMW specialist, Munich legends which was the final stop.

It was a great day and again I’d like to say a massive thank you to Richard Davies for the photos, his Instagram is @richarddavies22 if you want to see more of his work. I also would like to say cheers to everyone who came along, we had a great bunch of people and an awesome mix of cars.

I have to mention Tony Edwards as he managed to fall in a large hole when taking photos at the diner in the morning but didn’t complain or say anything until the end of the day which is when they realised how bad it was and had to spend the rest of the day in A&E and he’d only come as a passenger to support his girlfriend in her awesome wide arch r53.

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